Monthly Archives: October 2008

Scheduling Renascence

On the 30th October,  Pat Weaver from Mosaic Project Services facilitated the first run through of our new workshop How to develop an effective schedule. This is an updated and re-developed scheduling course based on the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling.

20 members and friends of the PMI Queensland Chapter participated in the workshop and gave lots of positive feedback that we will be building into the materials before rolling out the course through 2009.

The workshop is based around 5 important steps

  • Step 1 – Planning the Planning
  • Step 2 – Developing the ‘Road Map’
  • Step 3 – Setting Reasonable Objectives
  • Step 4 – Maintaining the Plan
  • Step 5 – Reviewing & Validating the Schedule

The workshop references source materials freely available from the Mosaic website that contribute additional information and in-depth analysis of the various topics.

Based on the feedback, one of the changes we are planning is to move some of the technical information into ‘practice notes’ that are included with the course materials (for future reference by the trainee) freeing up time for more practical class work.

After nearly 20 years with nothing much changing, scheduling is becoming an interesting space again. The PMI College of Scheduling is nearing the end of its ‘Scheduling Excellence Initiative’ to develop a definitive manual of scheduling best practice (see: The Chartered Institute of Building is developing a ‘Best Practice Guide’ for scheduling building projects and a range of usefully innovative tools are starting to appear (for more on these and links to the developers see Mosaic’s scheduling page at

For comments on the course see: TJ’s Blog