Scheduling Update

Mosaic’s scheduling home page has five core scheduling papers available for free download:
The Attributes of a Scheduler
A Guide to Good Scheduling Practice
Dynamic Scheduling
Links, Lags & Ladders
Schedule Levels

All of these paper have been upgraded in the last few days based on the work undertaken to write two major papers for presentation in 2009:
Improving Schedule Management accepted for the PMI Asia Pacific Congress: Kuala Lumpur in February and
Scheduling in the Age of Complexity currently undergoing a peer review process for the PMI College Of Scheduling, 6th Annual Conference: Boston, USA, in May.

If you are interested in scheduling you are welcome to download and use the information and contribute comments to this blog.

There are rather a lot of links in this Blog; hopefully the referenced information will spark some interest. Mosaic has very limited commercial interests in scheduling these days, but after 30 years working in the business I definitely want to see the practice of scheduling return to the level of competence prevalent the 1980s and this wont happen without information on good scheduling practice becoming more readily available.

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