The Project Management Manifesto

The Project Management Manifesto is a call for the US government to properly oversee and manage projects that will be financed with taxpayer money. The originators of the Manifesto recognise that lawmakers and government officials in the USA have good intentions and are working hard to address the recession. But it is the project management profession that understands how to plan, manage and govern programs and projects. There are best practices available that should be used and promoted. It is very important that the stimulus funds are used as effectively as possible, and not wasted.

According to the PM Manifesto website: “We are a community of project management leaders who are experienced in delivering results. As seasoned professionals, we know that there are three key elements to achieving the successful completion of projects that all Americans want and our country desperately needs. We urge that these elements be part of all projects launched through The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.”

I believe this initiative should be extended to Australia and every other nation who’s government is planning to spend our children’s taxes to minimise the impact of the world-wide recession. The challenge is for project management leaders world wide to latch onto this initiative, couple it to effective practices and standards such as PRINCE2, PMBOK® Guide, OPM3, P3M3 and others and make a difference.

Project managers, project management professionals, company executives and government leaders are encouraged to visit the PM Manifesto website at to read the declaration and proposed policy measures, and then decide how to best make use of them ‘at home’.

For more on the launch see the PM Forum web site at seen at

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