Free PMP Questions

The quality of many comments and resource available on the web for the PMP exam are doubtful to say the least.

Apart from issues with various PMP guarantees discussed in an earlier post (view: Guaranteed PMP Pass?), my major bugbear is the array of half-baked PMP questions available. I am sure the high PMP fail rate is partly due to people having a false sense of security based on ‘successfully’ answering a range of simple free questions…….

To help counter this we have developed a set of 30 questions as a free resource (no log-on required) focused on real PMP level knowledge assessments. If you, or anyone you know wants to see how their knowledge stack up you are welcome to have a go….. The questions are available from

Whilst the problems with CAPM are less, we have also developed 25 CAPM questions which are available from

Apart from normal web traffic monitoring there are no systems on these pages to track users or downloads and being we are a small business based in Melbourne Australia there’s little ‘commercial’ value to us in people making use of the free facility outside of our home base, so please feel free to pass this resource on to anyone you know interested in the PMP exam (having done the hard work writing the questions I would hate to see it wasted).

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