CAPM – Just for the record

The CAPM credential is expanding exponentially with the number of people passing the exam virtually doubling each year and the cumulative total of successful candidates at the end of 2009 exceeding 10,000.

Mosaic is one of the world’s most experienced CAPM trainers, our first CAPM course was conducted in 2003, the year PMI launched the credential, and several of our trainees from that course were in the first 100 credential holders world wide. We still find teaching CAPM courses one of the most rewarding experiences as we help trainees develop a sound understanding of the good project management principles contained in the PMBOK® Guide.

CAPM is not an easy exam to pass, to sample the type of questions likely to be in the exam try our 25 free CAPM questions at
or sample our Visual PMBOK® Guide web tool at

If you are responsible for new project team members moving into the profession, I would certainly recommend CAPM as a step on the way to PMP in 4 or 5 years time.


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