CAPM Exam Application Enhancements

PMI has made it easier for candidates to prepare and schedule their CAPM examination.

The network of test centres available for the CAPM exam has been expanded to approximately 5000 world-wide. This will make accessing a centre much easier; in Australia the available centres have increased from 2 (Sydney and Melbourne) to over 30 including all capital cities and many regional centres. The complete world-wide list can be found at

Also, instead of having to have completed the 23 hours of project management education at the time of application submission, candidates now have the option of submitting their application in advance. Upon submission of the CAPM application all candidates must agree to the PMI Code of Professional Conduct and agree that all 23 contact hours of education will be completed prior to their scheduled examination date. This will allow candidates to complete their booking before starting an intensive classroom course.

The number of CAPM credential holders world-wide is increasing rapidly, these changes will make booking and sitting for the exam much easier.  For more on the CAMP examination and Mosaic’s courses click here.

Unfortunately these enhancements in the CAPM processes do not flow through to any of the other PMI credentials.


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