Rolling Wave Planning

I’m helping in a quest to define the origins of Rolling Wave Planning. Who invented it where and when??

The concept has been enhanced by the introduction of the concept Schedule Density* in the Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex.

The difference being Rolling Wave tends to focus on increasing the level of detail, whereas Schedule Density requires both a defined increase in the level of detail and the proactive adjustment of the schedule logic to retain the overall project objectives.

But were did ‘Rolling Wave’ come from???

*for more on Schedule Density see:


One response to “Rolling Wave Planning

  1. I don’t know who introduced the term, but the concept has been in use as long as I am aware of construction planning (from the mid 1970s). You might also look at its documented variation, the ‘Last Planner’ approach developed by Glen Ballard of the Lean Construction Institute.

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