ISO 21500 Guide to Project Management

Chivonne Algeo (UTS), Peter O'Driscoll (PMI Sydney Chapter Vice President) and Patrick Weaver at the seminar

During the PMOZ conference last week, UTS hosted a seminar with the Project Management Institute on the draft ISO 21500: Guide to Project Management. The draft of the Guide has recently been released and the Australian project management profession has been invited to review the content and to make submissions to the Australian Committee managed through Standards Australia.

Patrick Weaver, an Australian sub-committee coordinator, gave a presentation on the Guide at UTS to project managers and academics as part of the engagement process with the project management profession.

UTS has been represented on the Australian Sub-Committee Working Group by Dr Shankar Sankaran and Chivonne Algeo over the last three years. The infrastructure set up by Australia to participate in the development of the Guide was designed to mirror the structures used by ISO to manage this development.

If you would like to review the draft Guide and provide your feedback you will need to contact your national committee. Australin project managers should contact the Australian Committee by going to:, registering on the subscription list and approximately 1-2 days after joining the subscriber list, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how the consultation process will take place. Comments close on the 19th August.

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