PMWT – The end of an era

March 2012 marks the final edition of PM World Today – This valuable publication distributed as a free eJournal to thousands of project managers world-wide filled a valuable space between the heavy academic journals and the more newsy magazines. Over the last 14 years, viewpoints, articles and more serious papers have been published from a wide range of practitioners and academic researchers providing a valuable cross-link between the two groups. Hopefully a replacement publication will emerge.

The closure of PM World Today and the PMForum website brings to a close the work of one of project management’s leading advocates, the late David Curling. PMForum was the world’s first and oldest website devoted to professional project management, created by David in 1994, PM World Today grew out of this as a quarterly newsletter, first published in 1998 and both were David’s passion through to his passing. Editorial control passed to another PM luminary, Hugh Woodward some 7 years ago, and for the last few years to David Pells.

The final editorial of the now monthly eJournal, outlining many of the successes of PM World Today and PMForum can be downloaded from  My hope is the rich legacy of materials contributed to the journal and the PM Forum web site may be re-published in the not too far distant future.

In the meantime, there are a couple of free eJournals that may step up to fill the void left by PM World Today, two I have some experience of are:
Project Manager: – an independent Australian publication.
Project Accelerator News: – UK based publication supported by Parallel Project Training.


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