Free PMP Questions

Over the years we have collected 1000s of practice questions for our PMP, CAPM and PMI-SP exam prep courses, far more then we need. Rather than simply keeping them we have decided to publish a ‘daily question’ for you to have fun with… Our current stock of question means there will be no repeats for the next 3 years!

If you already hold a PMI credential, the questions will help retain the knowledge you learned when studying.

If you are still studying for a credential, the questions will help with your practice. Each question comes with an answer and is graded   ? or X for each exam:
= Applies to the examination (PMP, CAPM or PMI-SP)
? = Useful but probably too hard
X = Probably not relevant

To round out the page we are also posting a ‘Weekly Tip’ for Project Managers.

Today’s daily question is posted at: – When you think you know the right answer click through to the answer page to see today’s question & answer plus the Q&As sent earlier in the week.

So you don’t miss any of the questions, we are Tweeting the daily question – you can click to ‘Follow’ the questions through our dedicated: @PMPQuestions. If you find the questions ‘fun’ – reTweet to your friends and colleagues, the more people following the questions, the more encouragement for us to keep going.

Good luck!!


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