Scheduling Conference – Sydney

We are participating in the Project Management for Major Projects Symposium, in Sydney from 30th July to 1st August 2012.

My workshop on the morning of 1st August is focused on How to use project scheduling to drive project success. In this intensive workshop focuses on the key elements involved in effectively managing the use of time on major projects. Understanding how your scheduling tools work is only half the battle – this workshop will show you how to use your tools to proactively manage time to achieve success!

Five years of research by the CIOB is leading a paradigm shift in the way projects are managed with innovative techniques and new forms of contract focused on the proactive and realistic achievement of scheduled deadlines! I am heavily involved in this on-going work by the CIOB and this workshop will be the first time the full package of innovations is presented as an integrated solution in Australia. The workshop will cover:

  • Project scheduling – what works, what does not
  • The difference between planning & scheduling, the importance of both processes
  • Schedule density – the art of keeping the schedule realistic and achievable
  • An introduction to the ‘Guide to the Management of Time in Complex Projects
  • An introduction to the new CIOB form of contract for projects
  • A suggested framework for successfully managing time on your projects.

For more information you can download the workshop brochure from:

If you decide to attend, we may even be able to arrange a small discount for you – drop me an email and I will see what can be done.

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