PMOZ Grill the Experts

‘Grill the Expert’s’ has been highly rated in previous years and is shaping up to be even better this year! If a project management problem is causing you a lack of sleep, be at the plenary session on the morning of Thursday 16th – you should get an answer!!

The 2012 panel includes:
Pierrre Bonnell, Europe – a professor at CERN, his particles go faster then rockets…..
Peter Taylor, UK – the ‘Lazy Project Manager’.
Lisa Wolf, USA – a senior manager with Booze Hamilton Allen.
Lynn Crawford, Bond University – Professor of Project Management.
Bob McGannon, Canberra – inventor of ‘Intelligent Disobedience’

If you can’t make the full conference, book the day or even the session – the diverse backgrounds of this panel are sure to make for an interesting debate, all that’s needed is the questions. For more information, see


One response to “PMOZ Grill the Experts

  1. Pat

    Looking forward to PMOZ, will try hard to think of a curve-ball question to pose to the experts!

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