Scheduling Training

Mosaic offers a range of scheduling training options primarily focused on achieving a pass in a specified examination, see: Credential Training  (and you have to pay for these!!)

Murray Woolf, a colleague of many years is offering you an opportunity to study the mechanics of CPM free of charge! All you need to buy is the base text used in the study……

If you don’t thoroughly understand how CPM works, you are at the mercy of you software and most tools get the mechanics wrong to a greater or lesser extent. This is not a simple subject! Our paper on Schedule Calculations took over two years and input from more than a dozen experts (including Murray) to settle on the current assessment of ‘correct’ CPM calculations.

Murray’s book CPM MECHANICS takes this analysis much further and focuses on how the mechanics affect the practice of CPM scheduling. His free symposium (or paid course) uses the book as its foundation text and works through the text to build a deep understanding of our practice.

You can choose between a free study session or a full course for $500 including PDUs – its a ‘free’ choice.

Why are we promoting this course? Simply because our exam prep courses do not go deeply into the mechanics of the CPM process – it is not a requirement of the examination specifications and the courses are focused on getting you through the exam!

But I personally believe developing a CPM schedule without a good understanding of ‘CPM mechanics’ is as dangerous as driving a car with no idea of ‘vehicle mechanics’. You are perfectly OK until something starts to go wrong and then you are helpless. Murray’s course won’t help you change a tyre or fix a fan belt but it will help you understand and fix broken schedules, and more importantly help you avoid getting into trouble in the first place! For more information see: Murray’s Course Information Page


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