PMOZ Excitement

The 2013 Project Governance and Controls Symposium held in Canberra last week was a great success – and planning for 2014 is underway, based on our first event, the Autumn Symposium in Canberra will become a highlight in the project controls and governance communities annual calendar!

Now to move onto PMOZ – PM Global’s major spring conference. We have been working hard on a revamp to make the program more flexible, accessible and exciting and moved to a city centre venue.

PMOZ 2013 will be held at the Grand Hyatt , Collins St., Melbourne from the 17th to 16th September (see more:

And, the framework for the conference program has been completely updated:

Tuesday Outline

Tuesday Outline

Wednesday Outline

Wednesday Outline

Early risers can attend an extended morning session on one or both days, and on Tuesday there is an extended twilight session.

‘9-to-5ers’ attend the normal PMOZ conference and for the dedicated ‘Dawn to Duskers’ you have access to everything an maximise PDUs ……

Each day starts with a focused workshop available to Early Birds and ‘Dawn to Duskers’ and there’s a similar twilight workshop on Tuesday for the Twilighters and ‘Dawn to Duskers’. Each workshop topic will be backed up by focused papers on the same general topic in the rest of the ‘half day’. Some of the options being considers for these three focused streams include :

  • Business requirements and the role of BAs
  • Positive dispute management – use facilitated options to avoid a costly fight.
  • Change management and value – the critical back end of project delivery
  • Project management in ‘Not for Profit’ and volunteer organisations with a focus on disaster recovery.

Four potentially hot topics and only three half days, we still have decisions to make……

In addition, the three main focuses of PMOZ remain in the program as well:

  • Projects in organisations, focused on project governance, innovation, portfolio and program management, leading to the delivery of benefits and value.
  • Planning and controls, focused on the tools and techniques required for effective project and program management. If the topic is a tool, technique or process used in project, program or portfolio management this stream is place to be!!
  • People and the profession, focused on the people side of project and program management, all of the hard to use soft skills.

As in previous years, a blend of academic and practitioner papers will be presented on a wide range of topics within each theme. The call for abstracts is being extended to allow time for potential presenters to adjust to this new structure – all papers and suggestions are welcome.

Attending this new, dynamic and exciting event is altogether different – first you need to decide which registration option is best for you and then nearer to the day, which of the streams to attend during your time at the conference, there has always been a choice of excellent presentations – it has now become more challenging! Perhaps we need a workshop on decision making? Alternatively you can use our White Paper on Decision Making to help you choose.

We look forward to seeing you in September.


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