New Melbourne PMP and CAPM website launched

Meeting1Mosaic has launched a new website focused on our PMP and CAPM classroom courses run in Melbourne.

The new site has a clean, modern image with easy to access information on the PMP exam, the CAPM exam and our courses for these two credentials. You are invited to check out the site at:

Our existing site is still very much alive and running at  (the difference in the URL is the ‘S’ on the end of project).  This ‘main site’ has a fantastic reservoir of useful information – it’s just too big and too complicated to work well on one of our key income earners, conducting PMP and CAPM classroom courses in our home town. Key parts of this original site include our:

If this new website proves a success, over the next year or two we will look at spinning off some of the other key sections from our main site to make access easier.

In the meantime if you know of anyone interested in PMP or CAPM, the new site is a simple to use resource: – our current challenge is to build the Google rankings.


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