Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule

CIOB_BookThe recognition of the need for effective schedules is a strongly emerging trend.  There are a number of assessment tools described on our Scheduling home page, and the related White Paper focused on the DCMA 14-Point Assessment Metrics  highlights the value of a ‘good schedule’; as does the CIOB ‘Guide’ to managing time.   The Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule adds a practical protocol to these existing resources.

The Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule is aimed at codifying schedule best practices. The Authors have endeavoured to codify the essential elements of a reliable schedule into a comprehensive protocol. It organises established and emerging best practices for CPM and GPM schedules into 20 core traits.

  • ‘A’ Traits correspond to comprehensive schedules,
  • ‘B’ Traits correspond to credible schedules,
  • ‘C’ Traits correspond to well-constructed schedules, and
  • ‘D’ Traits correspond to controlled schedules.

The Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule ties the 20 best practices, to indicators of reliability, to the consequences of non-conformance, in a straightforward and practical way. A useful free synopsis can be downloaded from  and if you like what you see, the full protocol is available for purchase.


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