Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS)

The College of Scheduling (PMCOS) is a new, international, professional association. Incorporated in November 2013, its mission is to provide a forum for Professionals to promote excellence in planning and scheduling through networking, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training, and providing support and encouragement for the ongoing development of a body of knowledge. Already operating on three continents, the College urges anyone who is passionate about our mission to be a part of this dynamic organisation.

You will have an opportunity to put your own ideas into practice and potentially change the way scheduling is perceived in every industry around the world. For more information, visit

Its early days at the moment but hopefully the PMCOS will pick up from where the PMI College of Scheduling left off when it was converted into a ‘community of practice’ by PMI management and drive developments in scheduling theory to underpin the technology and practice of the profession.


3 responses to “Project Management College of Scheduling (PMCOS)

  1. Pat is this organization now INDEPENDENT of PMI? Or is it still affiliated with PMI?

    In other words, did the College of Scheduling split with PMI like the College of Performance Management did? If yes, then I will be happy to join….

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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