Why you need to attend PGCS 2016

CAPM Step outPGCS 2016 (Wed. 11th and Thur. 12th May – Canberra) is shaping up to be an important forum for the advancement of project management in Australia.  Every project manager is subject to governance by the organisation that work within and potentially wider scrutiny.  This means if you (or your division/section) are running significant projects sooner or later the auditors will be visiting!

Project surveillance is a key aspect of governance at every level and ‘audits’ are part of the landscape for working project managers (see more on project surveillance).  Proactive project managers on a successful career path know this, are prepared, and use the audit to enhance their reputation.  Furthermore, the good auditors like to help you and you project succeed.

Three of the world’s leading project auditors are part of the speaking line-up at PGCS 2016, Australia’s Tom Ioannou from ANAO, the UK’s Geraldine Barker, and the USA’s Lisa Wolf.  This concentration of expertise offers project manages, and their superiors a unique opportunity to understand the thinking of good auditors and to learn how to make your next project audit an outstanding success (and of course is you work in a PMO or similar, this is a unique opportunity to understand world-best-practice)!

Having the right skills and capabilities are critically important, and one of the key questions being asked at PGCS 2016 is; “Can ‘normal projects’ learn from major projects?”.

The UK and USA governments are demonstrating an enhanced ability to deliver successful major projects.  In the last decade, the UK in particular has a track record of successfully delivering complex major projects and programs, and we believe the lessons learned can be scaled to enhance the probability of success on projects of all sizes. Several of the people at the centre of project delivery excellence in the USA and UK are speaking at PGCS and will be networking with delegates over the two days.

So, if you want to hear ‘how-its-done’ from the experts and have the opportunity to discuss your project challenges PGCE 2016 offers a unique opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge – all you need to do is be there!  For more on PGCS 2016 and access to a library of previous years papers go to http://www.pgcs.org.au/.


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