Just for the record – Climate science pre-dates the UN and modern China!

Global Temperature

Global Temperature

In developing a theory to explain the ice ages, Svante August Arrhenius (1859 – 1927), a Nobel-Prize winning Swedish scientist developed the formula that is still used to predict the effect of greenhouse gasses.

In 1896, he was the first to use basic principles of physical chemistry to estimate the extent to which increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will increase Earth’s surface temperature through the greenhouse effect. These calculations led him to conclude that human-caused CO2 emissions, from fossil-fuel burning and other combustion processes, are large enough to cause global warming. 120 years later some idiots still seem to think the concept is a ‘hoax’.

Even earlier, French scientist Claude Pouillet made the first estimate of the solar constant in 1838 and concluded the temperature experienced on the earth’s surface was much higher than could be explained by the sun’s radiation alone and suggested the atmosphere must provide some form of insulation. Arrhenius confirmed this hypothesis and identified the primary cause of the warming effect.


5 responses to “Just for the record – Climate science pre-dates the UN and modern China!

  1. Pat, “climate change” has been part and parcel of the earth’s development for the past 4.6 billion years, is part of it now and will continue to be part of it for the next 4.6 billion years or until our red dwarf sun consumes us, whichever comes first.

    OR unless we destroy ourselves through war or other means…..

    What is my point? For us to think that we can make a few lifestyle changes and reverse the damage that has been done is the epitome of arrogance on our part.

    So what can or should we do? Instead of wasting time and money trying to STOP it, why not put that time and money into either ADAPTING to the chnages as Darwin suggested we do OR to MITIGATING the impacts, much like what the Dutch, British (Thames River) Singapore or Venice are doing?

    My biggest concern is by focusing on “climate change” which no one is going to live long enough to see whether what we are doing is working or not, given that the USA, China, Europe and Japan are either bankrupt or facing deep financial problems of other kinds (i.e. bubbles) why not focus our efforts FIRST on getting our global financial house in order and THEN, when we have the money and resources to spend, THEN apply the principles of “Triage” figure out which of the myriad of problems we face are going to get the top priority, which are second etc?

    Trying to solve everything at once, with so many countries financially in trouble is NOT going to work and will end up causing more harm than good.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. Agree – but the skeptics aren’t prepared to consider options.

  3. Glen Alleman: Unfortunately, some of those idiots are now running our country. Here’s the original paper http://www.rsc.org/images/Arrhenius1896_tcm18-173546.pdf

  4. It’s now official.
    2016 was Earth’s hottest year on record. And this is the third year in a row that global heat records have been surpassed.
    The world’s 10 warmest years have occurred since 1998, and 2016 is the 40th consecutive year with above-average global temperatures.
    It’s a long-term trend of record-breaking heat – a trend that can’t be denied or ignored.

  5. A bit more – the earth has cycles of temperature – ie, ages and warm periods. But the far right of the graph on this link shows the current CO2 levels are now at 1.45 times the historical highs over the past 800,000 years. See:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1330867070267548&set=a.123918134295787.14217.100000328046557&type=3&theater

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