New Articles posted to the Web #68

BeaverWe have been busy beavers updating the PM Knowledge Index on our website with White Papers and Articles.   Some of the more interesting uploaded during the last couple of weeks include:

And we continue to tweet a free PMI style of exam question every day for PMP, CAPM, and PMI-SP candidates: See today’s question and then click through for the answer and the Q&As from last week.

You are welcome to download and use the information under our Creative Commons licence

2 responses to “New Articles posted to the Web #68

  1. You do not give Planalog credit for its contribution to PM systems in the early days of CPM when the computer was very slow while the updating of a Planalog schedule was immediate. The modern computer CPM schedule on a computer screen is an exact copy of the Planalog display.   Planalog allowed the actual project managers and their staffs to do the detailed scheduling work at a time when the computer was incomprehensible to non experts.   Bob

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