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Philosophies & Principles Used to Shape Planning Approaches

Any output from a planning process is a consequence of the approach applied by the planner to develop their plan.  Different people will develop different plans to achieve the same objectives based on their knowledge, experience and attitudes. This influence can be ignored or, if better understood, exploited!

This article outlines the fundamental principles and philosophies that can be used by planners to develop their plan:

For more papers on schedule strategy and design see:

New Articles posted to the Web #87

BeaverWe have been busy beavers updating the PM Knowledge Index on our website with Papers and Articles.   Some of the more interesting uploaded during the last couple of weeks include:

You are welcome to download and use this information under our free Creative Commons licence.

Visit our PMKI Library for free access to many more papers and articles:

History Papers Updated

As some of you are aware, I’m working on a paper looking at the origins and history of Earned Value.  As part of this work it became necessary to update and reorganize some of the core history papers on our website.  The major change has been separating the work looking at the development of modern management from the work on the origins of modern project management. These are now 2 separate papers that can be downloaded from:

The Earned Value history will be published in a month or so.