Innovation and Design Thinking

Design ThinkingInnovation requires two things:

  1. Someone has to have an innovative idea!
  2. The organisation to have processes to turn the idea into something valuable.

Neither happens routinely by accident. This article looks at what’s needed to create innovative ideas, and then look at one of the ways to transform the best of the ‘bright ideas’ into something useful, ‘Design Thinking’.  Click to download the PDF.

For more papers on initiating the right projects see:

One response to “Innovation and Design Thinking

  1. Pat what you are describing is nothing more than the “scientific method” which dates back to the 12th Century and which has brought us humans hundreds of thousands of new products and services over the past 1000 years or so.

    Here is a better graphic showing what the model actually looks like when put in practice-

    Unfortunately, these basic “trial and error” concepts, which have been around since our Neanderthal ancestors tamed fire half a million years ago or more recently used to invent the wheel have just been recently “discovered” by our IT colleagues and rebranded as “agile” or “Agile”.

    Worse yet, organizations such as PMI are now offering CERTIFICATIONS in a process that we learned in middle school or high school science classes.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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