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Murphy’s Law is not an excuse, it is a call to action!

To apply Murphy’s Law proactively, you need to think through everything before you start work and ask yourself if this part fails, does the system still work?  This article looks at the historical origins of Murphy’s Law and how to use the concept to avoid problems.

Download the article:

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Stakeholder Circle Upgrade Launched

The Stakeholder Circle® is the premier methodology and tool set for analyzing the stakeholder community around a business activity, or a project. The primary tool for implementing the Stakeholder Circle® methodology, is the Stakeholder Work Sheet (SWS). The latest upgrade now includes:

  1. The Stakeholder Circle® report as an integrated, fully automatic, capability
  2. Greater control over the prioritization calculations, you can balance power, proximity, and urgency to suit your environment
  3. Enhanced engagement assessment
  4. The stakeholder engagement index to track changes in the average stakeholder attitudes over time
  5. An integrated on-line help capability linked from each tab of the spreadsheet
  6. Two version of the tool, a 100-stakeholder version and a 1000-stakeholder version. 

You are invited to download the enhanced sample version of the spreadsheet from  (there is no requirement to register before downloading). The sample version allows the first 5 stakeholders to be edited and all of the macros to run.

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The Origins of Cost Engineering

The latest paper in our series on the origins of project controls has been published in the March edition of Project Management World Journal.

This paper traces the origins of accounting, through cost accounting, to cost engineering. Download the full paper from:

This is the part of a series of papers looking at the origins of the structures underpinning Earned Value Management (EVM):

  1. The History of Scheduling (these papers are stand-alone, but the schedule is a key support to EVM)
  2. The Origins of WBS & Management Charts
  3. The Origins of Cost Engineering
  4. The Origins of EVM (full update planned for mid-year)

As always, we are happy to receive feedback and additional information to help improve this history resource which is freely available to everyone:  

Crafting project success

A short article looking at the key requirements for creating a committed and cooperative team capable of delivering success in difficult circumstances has just been uploaded to our website. The concepts discussed are not new but are well worth revisiting in an age when distributed teams, and working from home are becoming the norm.

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