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Congratulations to the 2012 Planning & Scheduling Award winners

The 2012 The Planning & Scheduling Awards held at The Brewery, London were a great success (who said you can’t organise a party at a brewery…?).

Supported by a symposium and gala dinner it’s great to see our profession being willing to recognise excellence within our own area of expertise. To read a synopsis of the winners and see some pictures of the event: http://www.athenaprojectservices.com/home/awards-2012

These awards were very much the initiative of David Tyerman, Managing Director of Athena Project Services, he deserves congratulations for the initiative and here’s looking forward to the 2nd annual awards in 2013. Maybe in 2013 the awards will start to become international??

Great job, great outcome, congratulations to the supporting organisations and every participant – we need more of this type of event world-wide. Whilst the UK is a long way from Australia, I’m starting to think it may be well worth the travel to attend the next event in 2013.

Planning Engineers Organisation Re-Launched

The Planning Engineers Organisation (PEO) has re-launched under the sponsorship of Athena Project Services Ltd.

The PEO is focused on recognising and promoting expertise in planning, scheduling and project controls whilst also encouraging and facilitating the development of new entrants, whether old or young! As such, the PEO offers a membership scheme that provides enhanced levels of access and facilities with the PEO in return for advancement in the knowledge base, levels and length of experience and general standing within our industries.

The PEO is looking to promote expertise in planning, scheduling and project controls, and encourage participation from all levels of ability, including those that are associated with our discipline by way of providing support services, software and employment opportunities. Consequently, membership is open to all planners, schedulers and project controllers, or those associated with project time management, from across the world at the following grades:

  • Fellows: Restricted for those individuals with greater than 15 years experience in planning/scheduling or those, who in the opinion of the Organisation, have made a major significant contribution to the field of project time management. This grade of membership carries the designation FPEO.
  • Members: This grade is for full time planners/schedulers and project controllers who have at least 5 years project time management experience, and entitles the designation MPEO to be used.
  • Associate Members: For those planners/schedulers and project controllers with less than 5 years experience in project time management, or for those whose work or business is associated with products and/or services that are related to project time management. This entitles the designation APEO to be used.
  • Student Members: For those studying planning/scheduling and project controllers who would benefit from access to the Organisation’s information and website.

For more information and to join see: http://planningengineers.org