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The numbers in your calendar

PMWJ-CoverHave you ever consider the odd collection of numbers that make up the standard western calendar, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day and varying numbers of days in the months and years. The origins of some of these numbers and the basis of the modern calendar go back over 6000 years.

The origins of the different numbers and how they became the modern calendar is told in my featured paper published in the July edition of PM World Journal.  To read the paper and sign up for the free monthly e-Journal go to: http://pmworldjournal.net/article/the-origins-of-the-coordinated-universal-time-utc-calendar/

For more papers on the history of project management see:  http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/PM-History.html

PM World Journal up and running

PM World Journal is a free monthly e-Journal that is progressively filling the void left by the closure of PM World Today in March. You can read the journal and download articles of interest at www.pmworldjournal.net.

The November edition of the PM World Journal was published late last week, and included my article ‘Communicating Upwards for Effect’, introduced by Prof Darren Dalcher.

Other points of interest in the November edition include:

PM World Journal fills an important gap between the heavy-weight, peer-reviewed academic journals and the short shelf-life news sites and magazines. If you have something of value to contribute, the call for Papers for December and January editions is open at – http://pmworldjournal.net/?p=3237

The new PM World Journal and Library

The CEO of PM World Inc. David Pells has launched the new PM World Journal and Library with a five-part mission:

  • to promote and support the creation of new program and project management (P/PM) knowledge;
  • to promote and support the sharing of that knowledge with individuals and organizations new to P/PM or where such knowledge is sorely needed;
  • to provide greater recognition and visibility for those who create new P/PM knowledge (authors);
  • to provide a robust, easily accessible library of global P/PM knowledge and information; and
  • to promote and support the use of modern P/PM for solving global problems.

Focused on program and project management; the first edition of PM World Journal was published at the beginning of August 2012. This new non-refereed eJournal will be followed closely by the new PM World Library. Both the eJournal and library, will be working closely with major books publishers like Gower, Wiley, CRC, etc.

The new PM World Journal is modelled after the former PM World Today in form and content (see our blog on the passing of PM World Today), but with different image, mission and web technology. We were regular contributors to the old PMWT, and expect to be supporting the new PMWJ over the coming months with a range of articles and papers.

The new PM World Library will also represent a significant new development in the project management world and will provide a major new resource for professionals, practitioners, students, educators, researchers and organizations worldwide. It will become the new flagship service and will grow substantially going forward. The new library will provide the repository for articles and papers that we publish, and also provide single point access to online P/PM magazines, journals, eBooks, databases, services, news – similar to a traditional library.

A major feature is an expanded Author Showcase, where each author will have a web page with profile, photo and links to all articles, papers and other works by the author in the library, a virtual archive of the author’s professional work.

To sign up for the free eJournal and read the articles from the August edition see: http://pmworldjournal.net