PGCS $10,000 Research Grant

After 7 years of hard work we have finally made it! 

In 2013, a small group of people decided to reinvigorate the Project Controls Symposium  that had been a regular part of the Canberra / Australian conference scene for decades (see the Symposium history).  We set ourselves some big targets, the last of which was achieved today with the launch of our first $10,000 research grant.

PGCS was established as a not for profit organisation governed by volunteers; its core mission is to help improve the delivery of projects, programs and portfolios in Australia. All funds we receive are invested in one of three areas:

  • Our highly regarded Project and Program Management Symposium and Masterclasses held each year in Canberra. The next event will be held on 25th to 27th August 2020 with the outline programme and several keynote speakers on our website at:
  • Academic research grants. The initial grant of $10,000 has been announced today and will be awarded in May 2020, in future years we hope to significantly increase these awards:

We are parochial though – the grant is only available to researchers working in Australia, and supported by an Australian University.  Our next challenge is deciding on the research project (or projects) to support.

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