Governing for Success – Helping deliver successful projects

To succeed, organisations need to evolve and mature their management processes to achieve consistent success in the delivery of their projects and programs. However, there are no silver bullets – the core drive to be successful, and most of the effort, has to come from within the organisation and be fully supported by senior executives and other key stakeholders. This article outlines the journey to success:

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One response to “Governing for Success – Helping deliver successful projects

  1. @Patrick, with 6000+ years of history in construction, entertainment and new product developments behind us, there is PLENTY of solid evidence-backed research not only identifying the root causes of why projects fail but the FIXES to those problems.

    While I agree with your basic premise that most of them are caused by HUMAN FAILINGS or WEAKNESSES, what is missing is the will to ADDRESS THEM,

    Until or unless we are willing and able to hold project SPONSORS, project MANAGERS and project CONTROLS/PMO OFFICERS both CIVILLY and CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE for their misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance, nothing is ever going to change. See Glenn Butts, NASA, slides #31 and #32? This was written 10 years ago and STILL no action on his recommendations.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

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